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(Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

We specialize in enhancing localization rates to ensure overseas weapons systems are maintained, ensuring optimal combat readiness for military operations.

RF Components and Module

It is a key component for position control that can be used in harsh environmental conditions such as aircraft, ships, and industrial use.

Radio Monitoring Display

Radio Monitoring Display is mounted on a vehicle or installed in an arbitrary place to monitor illegally used radio waves.
Sonar sensor test and analysis device
A device to store and analyze the signals from sonar sensor in submarines.
Thermal image camera
At low light environment and pool visibility the combined solution of LWIR and SWIR can identify the subject accurately.
Portable personal protective equipment (PASS)
The portable personal protective equipment wirelessly communicates with the air respirator to monitor the air level, detect the wearer’s movement, and check the ambient temperature.