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Certificate of R&D Centre

INNOBIZ Certificate

ISO 9001:2015


Communication Equip.

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CE for Power Divider

CE for PIMD Analyzer

FCC for PIMD Analyzer


(Expandable PIMD Analyzer)


(Portable PIMD Analyzer)

Variable Power Divider

DFT for VSWR and PIM

Portable PIMD Analyzer

Dual Band PIMD Analyzer

Solderless Filter

Collision Detection w/Noise Source

Expandable PIM Analyzer

DTF w/Phase Information

Measuring of faulty point

Polarization control system

Phase shift process

Converter Test apparatus

Estimate System and Alforithm

Alarm devices of biological signals detection

Wrist wear type alarm device

Alarm devices of gas detection

Personal alert safety system for fireman

Low PIM switch and multiband measuring instrument

Fusion dual IR camera using for LWIR and SWIR with image fusion algorithm

Continuous monitoring device for shielding effectiveness

Ministry Award for Radio Broadcasting Technology in 2022

Ministry Award for Radio Broadcasting Technology in 2019

Prime Ministry Award for the best IR52 in 2009

Prime Ministry Award for the most Innovative SME(Small & Medium Sized Enterprise)

Ministry Award as a man of merit of contribution in Science & Technology