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    2021 ~ Present

Office Relocation
Construction of the new office building


Agency for Defense Development
Multiple Warhead Measurement System
Doppler Tracking Radar System


Republic of Korea Air Force
EW System Performance Check Equipment
Radar signal generator(MARS)
F-16 ASPJ(ECM) System
Maintenance of EW test system
Antenna/Radome & EW Receiver Test System
RWR test equipment


Korea Gas Safety Corporation
Wireless-based gas safety device shield room
Wireless-based blocking system


Mobile Communication 
Multi-port PIM measurement system
TETRA, 5G PIM measurement system

   2002 ~ 2020

Agency for Defense Development
Radar Cross Section Measurement System
Sonar sensor test and analysis device
RF Signal Generator for High-resolution
Target Generator (EW Technique Generator)
Analysis for radar tracking/IR test evaluation


Republic of Korea Air Force
High Power Test Signal Transmitter
High-power transmitter with shelter
Data Storage System
Antenna/Radome & EW Receiver Test System
Multi-Radar threat signal generator


Central Radio Management Service
Waveform Analyzer


Mobile Communication 
Portable PIM analyzer
Lab/Expandable PIM analyzer