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EW Test Equipment

Target Generator (EW Technique Generator)

A test system to analyze the radar characteristics and test EP(Electronic Protect) performance on warships.

EW Performance Inspection System

EW Performance Inspection System is a tool to inspect the performance and failure of electronic warfare equipment mounted on an aircraft.
Field Testing Unit for EW (RWR, UV-MAWS) Equipment
A equipment to test EW, RWR and MAWS as well as train the pilots and operators to get familiar with threat response.

EW Performance Test / Training System

A test system to conduct electrical performance tests of radar and electronic warfare equipment such as ES (Electronic Support) equipment and EA (Electronic Attack) equipment installed and operated on warships.

Mass Storage Device / Data Reader

A equipment to store IF signal, digital data and imaging data from the receiver of COMINT/ELINT/FISINT in real time.
Digital RF Memory (DRFM)
DRFM is able to sample the phase data of incoming radar signal and convert into digital data. It can be useful for target simulator of radar which generates a signal after delay at a distance. Jamming technique is included to jam a radar.