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How to identify and distinguish...
the Distance to Faulty PIM / VSWR Position in your Network System?
 Since the Autumn in 2010, AWT has introduced the World’s 1st PIM Analyzer that can measure the Distance to Faulty PIM and VSWR without disconnecting every connection in Network.
These functions are very helpful to reduce the time and effort for the operator‘s maintenance.
AWT has variety of models such as LTE, AWS, TETRA, GSM, WiBro, UMTS/IMT2000, DCS1800/PCS, PCS1900, AMPS/ CDMA, EGSM, WiMAX and others to cover all of the world network standards.

   · Measure the Distance to Faulty PIM Position (Option)
   · Measure the Distance to Faulty VSWR Position (Option)
   · Precise Distance Accuracy : +/-50cm (typ.), +/-1.5 m (max)
   · Easy to use with convenient User Interface
   · Built in Self Test
   · Internal Embedded PC with 7〃or 10.2〃Touch Screen (TFT-LCD)
   · Compact Size