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Expandable Band Models PIMD Analyzer
 The IMD (Inter Modulation Distortion) created in the passive components such as Antenna, Filters, Couplers, Dividers,
Connectors and Cables become a harassing matter in the mobile communication network operators and maintenance engineers. Using AWT’s various PIMD analyzer models, the manufacturers, designers and operators can reduce their time and cost to isolate those components before install the network systems. AWT has introduced the smallest and the most competitive PIM Analyzers with the lowest price in the globe.

   · Convenient User Interface
   · Development & Production Mode&Various
     Measurement Display (Time, Frequency, Sweep)
   · Wide Measurement Dynamic Range : more than 96dB
   · Low residual IM : -135dBm

· Output Power : +44dBm (max) (option : +46dBm)
· Noise Floor : -140dBm (@Filter BW : 300Hz)
· The smallest Dimensions : save the space
  (Single and Dual band with same size)
· Measurement Level : Up to -175dB