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 Synchro to Digital convertor is transducers/that converts the angular position and/or velocity of a rotating shaft to an electrical signal. A Synchro-to-Digital converter is used to convert these signals to a digital output corresponding to the shaft angle and/or velocity.
 AWT’s UHF PPDM-PM detects the PD (Partial Discharge) for HV GIS, High Tension Transformer and measures the position of PD. PPDM-PM is used to undertake periodic partial discharge surveys in sub stations to provide early warning of developing faults-enabling corrective action to be taken before the complete breakdown occurs.
 PD data from up to 3 UHF sensors is collected and stored, and the type of defect is identified automatically through the in-built expert system analysis program.
 Synchro to Digital Convertor

   · Antenna Pedestal Control
   · Military Fire Control System
   · Naval Navigation
   · Weapon System
   · Robotics Positioning
   · Mortor Control
   · Jet Engine Control
   · Factory Automation
 Emergency detector of air respirator user using RF communication technology

   · Monitoring pressure of air respirator
   · Monitoring temperature around fireman
   · Monitoring fireman’s motion
   · Quick-fill system
   · PASS (personal alert safety system)
 PPDM-PM (Portable Partial Discharge Monitor and Position Measurement) System

   · PD Position Measurement
   · PD is interpreted automatically by expert system program
   · Detects faults before failure, damage
   · Fully protected against transient
   · Usable for HV GIS, Transformer
   · Automatic Self-Test
   · External Sync : 5 ~ 10 VAC, 50 ~ 280 VAC

   · PD tests on high voltage equipment
   · PD diagnosis on developing insulating materials
   · Designed for on-site PD diagnosis tests as well as for manufacturing and research
   · Measure PD fault location for GIS, Transformer, Power cables
 U-Healthcare (Sensor Module)
 Monitor health status using Bio and space fusing sensor information

   · Bio-radar sensor measure heart rate and breath number
   · IR camera provides body temperature and thermal image
   · CCD camera provides color image
   · Voice and image recognition provides user ID
   · Send ID and Bio signals (Heart rate / Breath / Body temperature) to DxR
   · DxR analyzes and provides health care service using the Bio signals