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(EW Technique Generator)
 Target Generator is very useful to generate the target echo signal(s) of Radar(s) without real operation of the Radar and launching Targets such as flights, battle ships…etc.
 It can be used for Radar System T&E or Radar operator Training/Practice. Also using this, the EW officers and the designers of EW systems can develop and estimate the very effective EW Techniques with saving time, cost as well as their efforts.
 AWT’s Target Generator can give it’s operator lots of flexibilities to create various Coherent Techniques such as Range Gate and/or Velocity Gate Deceptions, Multiple False Targets, and various combinations of them.
 AWT can provide the customized solutions to meet your needs.

   · Flexibilities to create Technique :
    Precise adjusting the parameters using GUI software
   · Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth : Up to 1GHz
   · Generate the Coherent Technique on the Received Signals
   · Various Modulations can be programmed
   · Cost-Effective Solution in the field of developing Jamming
    Technique, EW Training, Radar’s ECM Vulnerability Test,
    and verification of ECCM Effectiveness
   · Easy to customize on the Customer’s Requirements

   · RF Signal Capture / Target Simulation
   · Complex Target Simulation
   · ECM Technique Development
   · EW Test Range